We are constantly trying our best to extend our reach and support to communities and individuals alike through our varied ministries that act as avenues for pastoral care and support. We are working with professional support personnel in our Prison, Hospital and Medical mission to extend support services such as counselling, spiritual nurture and support, and prisoner resettlement, hospital outreach and medical camps.

We work with varied groups of people largely church members to facilitate these programs financially and administratively. We also work corporate and individual donors who love what we do. Feel free to contact us directly through email or leave us a message here.

Current On-going Projects

AddiFree Drug Awareness Campaign

In partnership the Adventist Healthcare Professionals association, we started AddiFree with the sole aim of creating awareness among the masses especially the youths about the dangers of using drugs and

RedStore Blood donation campaign

RedStore is a youth-led campaign whose sole aim is to create awareness and sensitize the masses about the importance of donating blood. The campaign has been running for the last two and half years and raised over 25000ltrs of blood to support the need of the local communities for safe blood. Much of the donated blood ends up in hospitals outside Lincoln because only a quarter of it is needed to offset the blood deficit in Lincoln.

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