Focal Event

World Pathfinder Day


You are all informed that our Campmeeting is scheduled to take place on the 27th-August, 2022.


Church board meeting at 5pm

Church board to sit at 5:30pm. All members are called upon to attend.

Personal Ministries

The Sabbath School and Personal ministries department is to sit on Tuesday 19th-April-2022 here at church. Time will be 4:30pm.

Elders Council

The elder’s council is to sit this Thursday 14th-4-2022 at 5:00pm to to discuss the forthcoming Branston evangelistic campaign.

Notable Upcoming Events

  • Global Adventurer day: May-21st.
  • Branston evangelistic campaign: June-21st to July4th

Pulpit Team

Sabbath School

  • Missionary Report – Nalunga Mercy
  • Sabbath School report – Mbeiza Shad
  • Key Though – Alinda Ephi
  • Superintendent – Mukisa Moriah

Divine Service Worship

  • Preacher – Pr. Kalibbala Ssepuuya
  • Announcements – Eld. Ssenoga Grace
  • Scripture reading – Tendo Eleanor
  • Offertory – Mugisha Mark
  • Introductions – Ndibazza Cherlotte

Afternoon Program

Praise through Music – 2:30pm-3pm
Adventurer Club study – 3pm
Pathfinder Club study – 3pm
Afternoon Sermon – Pr. Kalibbala Ssepuuya.

Ministering Choirs

  • The Heritage Singers
  • Ambassadors Of Christ

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